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About Toolsay

The Toolsay Machine Monitoring Toolkit is a software framework that OEMs use to provide access to their products via the web, mobile devices, and USB.

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The Toolkit is for makers of machines with embedded controllers.

It provides their...

  • customers with internet control and monitoring
  • technicians with troubleshooting over the internet and USB
  • management with data on how its products are used
  • engineering with a solution that adds no product cost and minimizes software development costs

Key features


  • Monitor and change device configuration
  • Monitor device status (sensor readings, operating state, etc.)
  • Monitor device events (faults, warnings, status), both current and historical


  • Live access to your product’s data
  • Instant product control
  • E-mail and text message alerts


  • Encrypted
  • Authenticated
  • You control who gets access to what

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Who benefits?

Your Customers...

  • Can track production over time (widgets per hour, power output, etc.) on a computer, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device
  • Have peace of mind that their device is working – or immediate feedback if not
  • Get a tailored user experience, highlighting your brand and prominent device data

Your Technicians...

  • Can solve problems without customer visits and travel-related warranty costs
  • Can focus on your business, knowing that firmware updates, data collection and other infrastructure “just work”
  • Benefit from the power of a laptop (rather than a limited interface such as a LCD and pushbuttons) when troubleshooting locally

Your Business...

  • Collects data about how your products are used
  • Adds value to its product line without adding hardware or product cost
  • Takes on minimal software development expense and risk due to the SDK’s design for streamlined integration